First day of school!

I am excited to start the day because it’s my first day in my 4th grade classroom at Santa Isabel! We toured the school yesterday and it is so historic and beautiful. The school was founded in 1946 by a priest within the Clarissa Sister monastery which was located in Sarriá since 1876. With that being said, you can only imagine how historic-looking it looks! I will take plenty of pictures today to share with everyone back home.
I didn’t have a chance to meet my cooperating 4th grade teacher yesterday because her daughter was sick but she will be there today. I walked by the classroom yesterday and the outside walls were covered in handmade drawings all welcoming me into their classroom, “Welcome Ms. Kelly!” They call their teachers by their first name for example my cooperating teacher goes by Mrs. Cris instead of Mrs. Parull.
Well, off I go to start the day!




One thought on “First day of school!

  1. Hola! Miss Simmons we were so excited to see your posts about your trip to Spain. As a writing prompt, we responded to your blog. Now, we will ask some questions that we are curious about. Maybe, if you have time, you can respond.Sydney S. started with, ” Does your host family speak only Spanish, or do they know Engilsh?” Hunter wanted to know what a host family is. Sophia asked, “Have you adjusted and are comfortable with your host family/” Ralee asked, ” Have you seen bull fight yet?” Sydney R. wants to know how many types of breads and cheeses are in the market? We saw in one picture that you were holding money. Brianna wants to know how does American money compare to Spanish money? Gavin is inquiring about how the school day works; are all the subjects in one classroom, or do the students switch like we do. Does the host family get along just like American families, Laci asked. Do the Spanish houses look like our houses here in America. We know the trash cans are much smaller. Catherine was wondering about this. Dyllan wanted to know if it was a huge adjustment, or did you like the experience? Hayden is thinking that the food taste better because it is fresh. Is this true in your opinion? Abby is wondering about the school. Is the school bigger than ours? Cassie is thinking maybe the students wear uniforms, do they? We saw where you watched one movie on the plane. Kyla is wondering if you got to see any more movies, and do the Spanish watch the same T.V, shows that we watch? Last, Kaylee and Luke want to know if your host family have any pets?

    We are looking forward to a time we can skype with you. Madalyn was excited to share some photos of you on Instagram. We saw you with your class. This experience is exciting for you, but it is also exciting for us to be able to share in the adventure! Until next time, adios!

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